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Comprehensive Ship Repair Solutions for All Ships

Finding a ship repair company that offers multiple solutions for shipping business is quite tough. Multiple companies are working across the world that offer ship repair and service facilities, but they are specialized in certain areas. You can consider us as one of the leading marine offshore company that offers plenty of solutions for a ship. The rules and regulations of IMO are causing several changes because of which ships need to make some significant changes in their structure. We provide ship owners aid in turning their vessel into a ship that meets all the regulations of IMO and USCG. You can trust us and we will serve you for all your requirements. Let’s take a look of our prime services:

Ship repair service:

Many issues may occur in a ship, when it daily travels a long distance by hauling tons of weight. Its engine may require repair works, propellers may cause troubles if not serviced quickly and other mechanical components of the ship may require quick maintenance. We as a marine service company give you support of well-knowledgeable and well-experienced engineers, who can inspect and detect the issues related different sections of your ship and fix those issues to improve performance of the ship.  

Interior furnishing service:

A ship, which is a passenger vessel, but does not have appealing interior, may not get a large number of passengers to travel. It can be quite drastic for profit of the business. It is why you should pay attention to ship’s interior and choose an offshore service company that offers top-class accommodation outfitting service. It includes interior designing and developing the interior right according to plans. We are expert in this job and we provide you eye-catching interior designs with comfortable accommodation plans. We can also help you in developing impressive exterior for improvement in ship’s looks.

Ballast water treatment:

Of course, you may know that IMO and USCG have set new measures for release of ballast water on exotic locations. Your ship must need the guidelines of IMO otherwise it would be quite harmful for your business. A maritime service company that is expert in installation of ballast water management system can reduce troubles for your ship. You will get effective system for filtration of alien species and thus your ship will release no harmful bacteria in the sea. We have installed tailor-made systems in many ships and still our projects are on.

Other services:

We help you repair many components of the ship, which we perform in a very professional way. We know as an offshore marine services company, we may need to offer you varied solutions according to your ship’s design and capacity. We are ready for new challenges and we can present the best plans for your various requirement. It is something that turns us into one of the leading ship repair service of the world. You will find the charges quite amazing, when you discuss the repair demands with our engineers and experts. After all, it is about improving competence of your ship and we can do it in the best possible way.



    We offer interior furnishing services on passenger vessels, merchant fleet, offshore vessels:

    - Materials supply;
    - Installation works (cabin insulation, floating floor, panels);
    - manufacture and assembly;

  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning
    • On-board visit
    • Sea chest verification & calculations
    • Developed a number of installation proposals
    • Detailed project execution plan specifying Yard, maker and designer scope of work


  • HVAС

    Our design and engineering services include:

    - Preliminary design and specification
    - Basic design and detail design
    - Transmission, air flow calculations and air balance
    - Machinery air flow calculations
    - Colour plans & process flow diagrams & P&ID
    - System & equipment lists
    - One line diagrams - 2D and 3D
    - Coordination drawings - 2D and 3D 

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are pleased to welcome you by website of Euro Marine and Total Ship Solutions Company.
2015 was a landmark year for Euro Marine & TSS.
We learned many things in this year, improved our professional competence and participated in new unique projects concerned with interior furnishing of the ships, ballast water treatment, gas emissions scrubbing systems retrofit.
In a few moments we have understood that it is necessary to combine our efforts and to offer a valuable product to marine services market. In the present moment we can see a calm period before a boom.
By today environmental imperative covers all the management spheres making direct impact on a new economic model formation. Present day the world is passing through the third industrial revolution. The industrial revolution is taking place and most of the countries are searching for alternative of usual sources of energy.
We have made a decision to consolidate two companies to offer such a product to maritime business that is frontmost for today.

Today we can offer turnkey complex solution to Shipowners and Shipyards:

Ballast water systems retrofit;
Gas emissions systems retrofit (Alfa Laval, Pure Sox,Wartsila,Ionada);
• Interior furnishing of merchant ships, offshore fleet.